CEO & Founder Irvin Goodwin stands proudly beneath the archway entrance of our facility.

CEO & Founder Irvin Goodwin stands proudly beneath the archway entrance of our facility.


Homeless Veterans Emergency Housing Facility (HVEHF) uniquely combines emergency/treatment beds, transitional housing, and supportive services (such as case management, vocational rehabilitation, mental health and addiction treatment services and housing assistance) in order to serve homeless veterans throughout the Silicon Valley. We are a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that receives partial funding from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, as well as charitable funding from community organizations and corporations.

Our transitional housing program is designed to provide an access point to VA health care and benefits in order to engage homeless Veterans in treatment for their issues with stable housing and other associated problems.  Our program provides outreach to homeless veterans and linkage to VA services. Currently, our facility has 25 treatment beds, and 125 transitional housing beds for homeless or near-homeless veterans in need of emergency housing services.

We also offer Case management to veteran residents, individualized goal setting, and behavioral contracts are used to facilitate increased self-sufficiency and self-determination.  Our staff provide supervision 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with other extensive support services for veteran residents, including:

+ Three meals daily
+ Participation on a resident council
+ Referrals to VA health services
+ Community activities and outings
+ Relapse prevention
+ NA/AA meetings
+ Bible Study and Sunday church services
+ Life Skills/Financial Management workshops
+ Employment Training and preparation
+ Outreach to incarcerated Veterans
+ Collaboration with Courts, Parole, and Probation offices

*Interested and Prospective veterans: eligibility is dependent on a variety of factors.

For a veteran/applicant to be eligible, they must be:
+Homeless or in danger of being homeless
+ Eligible for VA care
+ Willing to participate in VA health care/services
+ Medically stable
+ Total self-reliant on managing day to day self care
+ Psychologically stable
+ Capable of staying clean and sober
+ Wiling to participate in urinalysis and breath testing for substance use
+ Capable of living cooperatively and safely in group/community settings
+ Willing to participate in the resident council and work therapy program
+ Free of TB exposure

VA registration forms and assessment forms will be completed on site with applicants.

Veterans may call the facility to begin the process by phone.

If you are a Veteran in need of housing, please call: (408) 533-0228